About Elko/New Market Minnesota Weather

This is a weather hobbyist forecast website. But before you discount the accuracy of the information here, understand that all the forecast information comes from the National Weather Service; I'm merely re-displaying it on this site. If you don't believe me, you can visit the National Weather Service Elko MN forecast page directly and compare.

The actual weather data including temperature comes my personal weather station (and will thereby differ from the infomation on the National Weather Service forecast page). There is likely a lot of weather information the casual observer won't be interested in but that I wanted included.

And, yes, I know this is not a pretty website, but my focus was/is on functionality. My plan was to create the functionality first and then go back and make it prettier but as it gives the weather information I want making it more attractive became a low priority.

Most importantly unlike a vast majority of the weather and forecast websites out there, I'm here living the weather and forecasts on this website!

History Lesson:

My interest in local weather information started some time ago and I bought a Lacrosse WMR-968 weather station in January of 2002. Not long before (in 2001) I had finally gotten broadband DSL replacing my dial-up Internet connection which made it feasible to regularly upload weather data. I added my weather station data to my personal home web page and also started uploading data to Weather Undergound that same year (despite the first year of their archives inexplicably showing data starting in 2008).

At that time the area was mostly undeveloped and rural and I was the only personal weather station in the area (thus the KMNELKO1 Weather Underground designation). Since then housing development in the area has resulted in numerous other personal weather stations appearing on Weather Undergound.

I even cobbled together a precipitation identification sensor starting in 2005 that added real time precipitation information for my weather data that ran until 2014. However the PC that ran it was damaged after a nearby summer lightning strike and I took it out of service intending a redesign and rebuild that haven't yet come to fruition.

When the Lacrosse weather station failed (2009) I replaced with with a Davis Vantage Pro weather station that is still in use.

Eventually I decided to create my own weather forecast page incorporating information from the National Weather Service as well as my own weather data. That project has evolved over the years to its present form.

Weather Forecast Archives:

One of the additions I eventually made to the website was to archive older forecasts so I could compare the constantly evolving forecasts (something notably absent from any of the weather forecasting services). A suspicious type might believe that the forecasting services don't want to show how inaccurate their forecasts were...

This change was mostly to satisfy my own curiousity - I would make plans to work outside based on a good weather forecast only to arrive at the day and find the forecast was for bad weather! To assure myself that my memory wasn't failing me I decided to start saving forecasts so I could refer back to them to see when and if the forecast had indeed changed (and found it often does - even more now as computer forecast generation has largely replaced human involvement in the process).

So at the bottom of the main forecast page there are links to compare recent older forecasts with the current one. There is also a page containing forecasts by date should you want to review a recent older forecast. (My arbitrary intent is/was to save about a year worth of old forecasts on the server.)

Changing Forecasts Case in Point:

What follows are forecasts for a recent snow event showing how rapidly the forecast can change.

On 2/16/2020 (the day before the snow) the forecast was for "around an inch" of snow: 2020-02/2020-02-16T23:25:39-06:00 Forecast

On 2/17/2020 for the time period 01:38:57-06:00 the forecast was still for "around an inch" of snow: 2020-02/2020-02-17T01:38:57-06:00 Forecast

The very next forecast for the time period 3:08:59-06:00 had changed to 1-2 inches total snow: 2020-02/2020-02-17T03:08:59-06:00 Forecast

Later that morning the forecast for the time period 10:09:50-06:00 showed "less than a half inch" of snow for both the day and evening (1 inch total): 2020-02/2020-02-17T10:09:50-06:00 Forecast

Then the forecast for the time period 17:25:40-06:00 showed 2-4 inches of snow forecast: 2020-02/2020-02-17T17:25:40-06:00 Forecast

(Total actual snowfall was just under 4 inches but the snowstorm was well under way before that "forecast" was made.)

It's definitive proof that forecasts can and do sometimes change often and rapidly. In other words clearly at times the forecast can be pretty unreliable.

But don't shoot the messenger - I'm just conveying the National Weather Service's forecast (as well as archiving their information to be able to be able to check the accuracy of their work).